Monday, 10 May 2010

Even though.....

Even though I may have been told to be quiet in the past, I now understand that it is ok to find and express the true power of my voice.

Even though I may not be a super star, and despite what other people may have said, I am learning to love the sound I make.

Even though I may have been negative about my voice, I am working on developing a healthy relationship with it right now.

Even though my voice may not work as I want it to all of the time, I know that this is not always important, sometimes there is beauty in imperfection, and even so, my vocal development will always be incomplete. There is always more to experience, greater heights and deeper depths of expression, range, clarity and dexterity.

Just because it is easier for me to sing in one particular style, it doesn’t mean that I cannot enjoy singing in other styles.

I was born with an inherent ability to make strong sounds. Even though society may have conditioned them out of me, I am now finding them again. It is a joy. I am on a journey and will be for the rest of my life and beyond.

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